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My Ludum Dare 38 Entry - a small but re-playable puzzle game where you must pilot your ship to collect the fuel crates on each planet to travel to the next! As an LDJam game, it's only got a few levels, but surely nothing is more fun than trying to shave 1/100th of a second off your best time...?

EDIT: Please run at 16:9 aspect ratio or the UI will be clipped! Will fix post-jam 😊

Thanks to everyone who tuned in on Twitch to see the development, the full dev videos will stay up for a few days if you want to see it all come together! - twitch.tv/kcreanor

Good luck and have fun!

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Published64 days ago
AuthorKenny Creanor
TagsLudum Dare 38, puzzler, time-trial

Install instructions

Download and Unzip! Then just run Fuel.exe to get started! Make sure Fuel_Data is always in the same directory as Fuel.exe though. Enjoy!


Fuel.zip (21 MB)

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